Arizona Knights of Rizal


Welcome and Mabuhay!

Thank you for visiting this informative site and ‘world-bridge’ of the Arizona Knights of Rizal, Inc. (AZKOR, Inc). We are happy
to share with you information about us, our organizational programs, our pictorials, legal references, Rizal works, links and
contact details.

Dr. Jose Rizal's contemporary significance may be gleaned from the book, 'Visions of the Possible', where its author Felice Sta.
Maria captures his essence "as an exemplary humanist who can inspire an Asian Renaissance in the coming millennium. He
developed a keenly analytical mind and an artistic ardor. He became an ophthalmic surgeon, and also put his critical abilities
to use in additional fields as a self-trained anthropologist, naturalist, and philologist. Academic pursuits cultivated his talents as
a polyglot capable of studying in 22 languages. He would prove that 'Genius knows no country,' in order to stem the rising tide
of racial prejudice and cultural imperialism. He pursued tertiary studies in arts and philosophy, and cultivated a life dominated
by thought, and thus by idea-words..."

AZKOR, Inc. is one of the chapters of the Order of the Knights of Rizal based in Manila, Philippines. The Order was enshrined
into law to recognize the inestimable value of Dr. Rizal's teachings and examples so that with the Knights of Rizal social discipline,
civic virtues and love of justice will be more effectively fostered, promoted and enhanced. With this site, we hope to connect
you with the magnificent obsession of Dr. Rizal as immortalized in his poem Mi Ultimo Adios
(My Last Farewell): "to behold you one day, Jewel of Eastern waters: griefless the dusky eyes: lifted the upright brow:
unclouded, unfurrowed, unblemished, and unashamed!" (Nick Joaquin translation).

Simply stated, his compelling vision was to see the Filipino respected by himself and the rest of the world.

We exist to help make this vision live and flourish.

Non omnis moriar.