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             Sept. 25, 2014

           Speech delivered by Sir Tom D. Rodriquez, KGOR, during the Educational Day Program about

           Role Models (Traits of Good Leadership)  at the 5th USA Regional Assembly  held in Cleveland,

           Ohio on August 31, 2014.



            Sept. 20, 2014

           Vistal Golf Club welcomes the Arizona Knights of Rizal during their Golf Tournament.




           Please click on this link for a slideshow of the photos taken during this event. 


           August 7, 2014

           Memorandum No. 19, Overseas Appointments 2014-2016

           To All Brother Knights,

           A heartfelt congratulations to all who were appointed  by the Supreme Council
           for the Rizalian year 2014-2016.

           Please take note of the request by our Supreme Commander, Sir Jerry Singson,
           KGCR that “An expressed and written acceptance to the appointment is required
           from each of the appointee to exhibit commitment to the position. Regional
           Commanders are hereby directed to notify the Supreme Council of your Region’s
           assumption of office no more than ten (10) upon receipt of this Memo.”           

           Rizal is alive in our hearts. NOM

           Fraternally yours in Rizal,
           Sir Tom D. Rodriguez, KGOR
           Regional Commander for USA


           June 15, 2014

           Hello Brother Knights,

           Friendly reminder that this Sunday, June 22nd, we will be Celebrating the Birth of Dr. Jose Rizal
           and we will be knighting new members as well.  Please wear your uniforms for this event.

           Venue:  Halo-Halo Kitchen, 3553 W Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051
           Time:  2PM
           Food: Choice of Chop Suey, Fish and Beefsteak, with Pancit, Soup and Rice
           Cost: $15/person

           2:00PM - Singing of the Philippine and American National Anthems
           2:10PM - Invocation
           2:15PM - Welcome Remarks
           2:20PM - Lunch
           3:00PM - Celebration of Dr. Rizal's Birth
           3:15PM - Knighting of New Members
           4:00PM - New Members Sharing
           4:30PM - Closing Remarks/Adjourn

           Thank you and looking forward to see you all on Sunday.

           Non Omnis Moriar!

           Sir Warren


           Memorandum No. 15-01, series of 2014-2016

           June 7, 2014

           To All Area Commanders and Chapter Commanders

           Please disseminate the attached Resolution from the Supreme Commander Elect Sir Jeremias  C.

           Singson to all concerned in your respective jurisdiction. Please take note of the deadlines indicated



           Sir Tom D. Rodriguez, KGOR
           USA Regional Commander



          Press Release June 1, 2014

           During last night's Induction Ceremonies, Sir Warren G. Cruz was inducted as Chapter

           Commander of the Arizona Knights of Rizal, Inc. for the years 2014 thru 2016.


           First Lady Jade Cruz and Sir Warren G. Cruz, KCR - Chapter Commander for 2014-2016.



          Mr. Leonardo Aromin, Publisher - Filipino American Journal, was the invited guest speaker

          for our Gala Night. He is President of the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of

          Arizona, Chairperson of the Council of Filipino Organizations of Arizona, and Chairperson

          of the Pacific Rim Advisory Council of the City of Phoenix. He owns and manages the Aromin

          Paralegal Services and a travel agency, the Aromin FilAm Travel, specializing in travel from

          the Asia.


           Press Release May 21, 2014

           Our very own Sir Edwin Bael-KCR, former Consul General of Los Angeles, a member and Council

           of Elders for AZKORINC, is one of the candidates for Election of Supreme Trustees of the Supreme

           Council, Rizalian Year 2014-2016.

           Multi Purpose Hall, Amoranto Sports Complex,
           Roces Avenue, Quezon City, Philippinese
           25 May 2014 (Sunday)  

           (Please click this link for complete details)


          Fr. L to R:  Sir Tom Rodriguez, KGOR, Sir Conrad Ballecer, KCR, Sir Edwin Bael, KCR


            Press Release May 15, 2014

           The Filipino American Journal Special (Press Release link)

            “By their works you shall know them,” the Good Book of Life says.  What people do for a living says a lot about what they are      

            interested in.   So at  the incoming advance celebration  of the 153rd birth anniversary of the Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose

            Rizal and at the same time  the induction of the newly elected officers of the Arizona Knights   of Rizal -  Mr. Leonardo Aromin, 

            a leader of many talents, who had done and continue to do good work for the Filipino American community as publisher of the

            Filipino American Journal – a bi-weekly newspaper in Arizona since 1998  was selected to grace the occasion as the guest

            speaker with the theme, “Dr. Jose P. Rizal is  Alive in Our hearts.” 

            The induction of the officers of the Arizona Knights of Rizal, Inc. (AZKOR) during the gala night is headed by Sir Warren Cruz,  

            KCR as chapter commander , which will be held at the Hilton Phoenix Airport Hotel on May 31, 2014 from 5:00 to 12 midnight.

            Mr. Leonardo Aromin was invited  the guest speaker because he holds the distinction of being the president or chairperson of

            three well-known organizations in the State of Arizona for the year 2014,  namely, Chairperson of the Council of Filipino

            Organizations of Arizona , Chairperson of the Pacific Rim Advisory Council of the City of Phoenix, and President of the

            Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Arizona -  a feat that cannot be easily duplicated.

            Sir Tom D. Rodriguez, KGOR

            USA Regional Commander


            Memorandum 01-2014

            TO: USA Deputy Regional Commander,  Area Commanders, Deputy Area Commanders, and Chapter Commanders

            FROM:  Sir Tom D. Rodriguez, KGOR
            USA Regional Commander

            SUBJECT:  Recommendation Form

            DATE:  May  3, 2014

            You have been previously informed that the 5th USA Regional Assembly  will be held in Cleveland, Ohio on

            Aug. 29 to Sept. 1,  2014. Attached is a Recommendation Form for Awards/Exaltation/Conferment.  

            All recommendations  must be signed by the respective Chapter Commander and Area Commander.

            In order to be able to comply in a timely manner, your nominations must be received by me, preferably by

            email, no later than July 2, 2014 for the final slate of nominees to be submitted to the Supreme Council for

            proper consideration.

            (KR Recommendation Form)


           April 25, 2014 

           This coming May 31, 2014, we will have an induction ball at the Hilton Phoenix Airport, at 2435 S.

           47th St., Phoenix, AZ 85030 for the new set of officers for the year 2014 - 2016.

           We are soliciting your generous and benevolent help by way of advertising in our souvenir program.

           The Souvenir Program Advertisement Contract is attached hereto. All advertisements in the Souvenir Journal

           is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Arizona Knights of Rizal, Inc. (AZKOR, Inc.) is a 501 (c(3))

           nonprofit charitable corporation, DL: 17053228387022.

           Induction Ball and Solicitation Letter (please click this link)

           Sir Warren Cruz, KCR

           Chapter Commander Elect


           April 12, 2014

           To  USA Deputy Regional Commander, Area Commanders and Chapter Commanders,

           Please disseminate to all concerned under your jurisdiction regarding updates of the 5th USA Regional Assembly

           activities and information as indicated below by the Chapter Commander of Cleveland, Sir Paul Bielinski, KCR.

           Make it  a point to be there! Looking forward to meeting you at our 5th USA Regional Assembly.

           Rizal is alive in our hearts. NOM

           Fraternally yours in Rizal,

           Sir Tom D. Rodriguez, KGOR
               USA Regional Commander       
                              (5th USA Regional Assembly Information Update)


            March 19, 2014

           To Deputy Regional Commander, Area Commanders and Chapter Commanders,

           This is the remarkable event we have been waiting for – the 5th USA Regional  Assembly that will be held on August 29 –

           September 1, 2014 being hosted by the Cleveland Chapter of the Knights of Rizal.

           Please disseminate the attached  invitation.  For additional information and updates associated with the assembly, please 

           access the 5th USA Regional Assembly website at (Invitation website link)

           The registration details and advertisement form can also be printed from this site.  (5th USA Regional Assembly Invitation)

           The USA Region had the biggest delegation at the 4th Canadian Regional Assembly held in Montreal Canada  on Aug. 31-

           Sept. 2, 1013 and the recipient of the biggest international regional delegation award at the 19th International Assembly

           held on Feb. 24, 2013 at Baguio City, Philippines, signed by Sir Avelino V. Torres, KGOR, Supreme Pursuivant and Sir Reghis

           M. Romero, KGCR, Supreme Commander.   We gave our support to our  brother knights  in Canada and in the Philippines,

           so I hope that we will do  the same for our own USA Regional Assembly.

           Thank you again for your utmost support  and cooperation.  I hope to see you there at our own regional assembly.

           Rizal is alive in our hearts. NOM

           Fraternally yours in Rizal,

           Sir Tom D. Rodriguez, KGOR
              Regional Commander for USA